The 6-Channel 2.4GHz Receiver provides a reliable link to your robot. 
This is the V2, compatible with V2 transmitters (any sold after Oct 2010)

Receiver Size: 4.5x2.3x1.4cm (1.75x0.875x0.53") 
Weight: 8grams (0.28oz) 
Operating Voltage: 5V - 7.4V
Bind multiple receivers to one transmitter. 

If your robot is not responding to radio commands, you may need to bind the receiver to the transmitter. 
Binding Instructions: 
If you power on your robot but the receiver only gives a single fast blink then goes off, it means there is no valid paired transmitter being detected.
1. To bind a receiver to a transmitter, first power off the robot and transmitter. Plug the included bind plug into the BAT channel of the receiver, then power the robot back on. This will get the receiver blinking as it waits for a transmitter to bind to. (This can be hard to see in bright lights.) 
2. Press and hold the "Bind/Range Test" button at the bottom left of the transmitter and turn it on. The receiver's red light will light up solid. 
3. Now power off the transmitter and robot. Remove the bind plug from the receiver. 
4. Binding is complete, so now you can turn on your transmitter and robot and the receiver's red light should be on solid with the tinyESCs blinking to indicate valid signal. (Assuming you are using tinyESCs.)

"TR6A" 2.4GHz 6-Channel Receiver


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