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- Includes a 4-hole screw pattern that can be used with our award-winning Blade Hub/Motor Guard or with your own custom hub.
- Tooth rake and relief angles have been optimized for durability and destruction!


Hole pattern and dimensions. Specifications:
Material: Grade 5 (6AL-4V) Titanium
Length: 8.89cm (3.5in) tip-to-tip
Blade Thickness: 3.0mm (0.118in)
Bore: 10.0mm (0.394in)
Screw hole pattern: 19.05-25.4mm (0.75-1.0in) between 6-32 screws or 4-40 screws
Weight: 32g (1.129oz)

FingerTech Titanium 3.5inch x 3mm Disc


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