FingerTech's Blade Mount is the easiest way to attach a blade to a D28xx brushless outrunner motor.
• Uses four 6-32 screws to mount the blade solidly against the motor body. (Suggest 6-32 X 3/8 long  Black-Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Head Screw for Fingertech blades thickness) Order a blade at the same time and we will include the 6-32 X 3/8 screws.
• Fits over the shaft and hub of a D28xx motor. Uses three M2x12mm countersunk screws to mount solidly against the motor body.
• Four 6-32 threaded holes follow the mounting pattern for all of our spinner blades.

- Material: Anodized 6061 aluminum for high strength and low weight.
- Hub diameter: 26mm (1in)
- Hub height: 12mm (0.47in)
- Blade mount screws: 6-32 at 20mm (0.78") between centers. Fits all of our spinner blades.
- Motor shaft diameter: 4mm (0.157in), but works fine with smaller shafted motors.
- Three hole motor mount pattern: 10.4mm (0.41in) between centers.
- Weight: 5.9g (0.21oz)

Installation Tips:
- A 6-32 setscrew or screw can be used in the threaded side-hole to press into the motor's setscrew and hold tightly.
- Use thread lock on all screws. You do not want your blade coming off!
- As with anything related to combat robots, it is POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS to add a spinning weapon to a robot. NEVER power up the robot outside of a safety enclosure. Always use a safety lock and follow proper activation procedure.

FingerTech Blade Mount


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