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• Exactly what your bots need!  Lithium Polymer (lipoly) batteries are very lightweight cells, but have a greater power density than NiCads and NiMH.
• Lipoly chemistry can supply its rated current for longer than NiMH or NiCad equivalents, which means your weapon and drive will go full-power for longer, rather than sagging voltage as it discharges.
• These cells have no problem with the large current requirements of combat robots.
• LiPoly cells do not develop bad memory during charging.

- Configuration: 2S (7.4V) 250 to 300mAh or 3S (11.8V) 250 to 300mAh
- High quality silicone-insulated wire for high current applications.
- Mating connector: JST
- Balance connector on every size for ensuring packs are at their best before an event!
- Max charge rate: 2C (2x the pack mAh rating) - the B6 Pro Charger and 12V Power Supply are a great charging solution.
* Do not discharge Lipo batteries below 3.3V per cell (6.6V for a 2S pack).  We sell Lipo Low Voltage Alarms to give an audible warning when the pack reaches this limit.

Add 5mm to the length where the wires exit. Below are usable dimensions, not the slimmest or average size!

Maximum current discharge: (Burst is for 15 seconds) 45C Cont (13.5A), 90C Burst (27A)

Dimensions: (W x L x H) 19 x 45 x 14mm

Weight: 2S=16 to 19 grams (0.67oz) 3S=23 to 26 grams


Note: When upgrading your bot to 3S battery it is highly suggested to install a BEC to supply reliable 5V power to your receiver to prevent brownout in power during battle  

Galaxy Lipoly Pack Battery 2 Cell or 3 Cell


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