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• Exactly what your bots need!  Lithium Polymer (lipoly) batteries are very lightweight cells, but have a greater power density than NiCads and NiMH.
• Lipoly chemistry can supply its rated current for longer than NiMH or NiCad equivalents, which means your weapon and drive will go full-power for longer, rather than sagging voltage as it discharges.
• These cells have no problem with the large current requirements of combat robots.
• LiPoly cells do not develop bad memory during charging.

- Configuration: 2S (7.4V) 450mAh or 3S (11.8V) 250 to 300mAh
- High quality silicone-insulated wire for high current applications.
- Mating connector: JST
- Balance connector on every size for ensuring packs are at their best before an event!
- Max charge rate: 2C (2x the pack mAh rating) - the B6 Pro Charger and 12V Power Supply are a great charging solution.
* Do not discharge Lipo batteries below 3.3V per cell (6.6V for a 2S pack).  


Maximum current discharge: (Burst is for 15 seconds) 45C Cont (13.5A), 90C Burst (27A)

Dimensions: (W x L x H) 19 x 45 x 14mm

Weight: 2S=16 to 19 grams (0.67oz) 3S=23 to 26 grams


Note: When upgrading your bot to 3S battery it is highly suggested to install a BEC to supply reliable 5V power to your receiver to prevent brownout in power during battle  

Lipoly Pack Battery 2 Cell or 3 Cell


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