Multiple 1st place awards won with our UHMW blade hub/motor guard! In fact, we're so certain you will bring home 1st, 2nd or 3rd place that when you do, we will give you a gift certificate between $25 to $5 for future purchases.


Fights & Competition Awards

1st place  Rocket Republic Taproom Tap Out #3

2nd place November Necrosis 2020


'Murder Hornet' Battle Robot Kit comes with everything you need to get started in combat robotics.

- Premium Metal Articulating Forks

- UHMW chassis (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) has plenty of strength and is repairable with Quicksteel Epoxy Putty.
- Four FingerTech "Silver Spark" gearmotors. (Choose Ratio)

- 1.25-inch Snap Wheels and Snap Hubs X 4 to provide both speed and pushing power.
- ESC (speed controllers translate the radio receiver commands into drive motor movement and provide 5V power to the radio.)

- Neodymium magnets on top and bottom to attract to steel floors for better traction and flip resistance.

- Battery: 2S Rechargeable 7.4V 300mAh "Galaxy" lipo pack.

- Toggle power switch or upgrade to competition-grade FingerTech Mini Power Switch

- .0625in (1/16) Thick Polycarbonate combat armor lid keeps the components safe.


Body Width: (5.75in)
Length: (5.5in) 
Body Height: 1in
Weight: 420grams (14.82oz)


* Transmitter and receiver. (Our transmitter has an optional PC Cable for reprogramming channel variables and mixing.)

* LiPo Charger 2S-3S Balance Battery Charger 7.4-11.1V


Tools Required:   Standard hex wrenches   Cross head screwdriver   7/16” open end or adjustable wrench   Wire stripper   Soldering iron and solder (60/40 rosin core type recommended). Grinding device to shorten screws. 


Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.

The product is made to order. Please allow 15 days till shipped

'Murder Hornet' Battle Robot Kit


    Everything you need to compete in 1# antweight competitions

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    Battle Robot Kit

    Orders the week of Jan 23 to Jan 31st will be shipped Feb 1st