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Why choose a Battlerobotkit?

Drive motors are protected extremely well and rarely need to
be replaced. On average you might need to replace one every 10-15 battles. Our custom UHMW Blade Hub/Motor Guard has been tested in 30 battles and have never had a weapon blade break off the hub in combat. The hub also helps protect the motor can from being dented


Capture Nuts Pressfit into the bottom to prevent stripping and hold every part with strength  

Combat Robot Events

Want to travel and meet new and interesting people with the same interest in building and competing with combat robots. Check out these sites and groups for events around the world and design questions and answers.

I started my robot fighting career on the Viper Kit older version back in 2012 and got 2nd place at my first event. It is honestly the best way to get started. The kit leaves lots of room for modification.

 - Nate Franklin  - 


Thanks Battle Robots for hosting this inaugural tournament! Both Leslie and I had a great time. Looking forward to more battles in the future at your awesome shop.

 - Blane Stroh

Lobotomy was my 1st combat robot.  The detailed instructions made it very easy to get set up and operational.  My very first event won all 5 rounds. 9 battles later and I still haven't broken a part. 
Highly recommend for anyone that is interested in getting into the sport.

 - Jason R.- 

Everything you need to compete in 1# antweight competitions

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Battle Robot Kit